Vegan Conscious Box


I love Conscious box so I was thrilled when I found out they were offering a vegan box and of course, immediately signed up. This is their first ever all vegan box.
This month was curated by Brendan Brazier, Ironman Thiathlete, ultramarathon winner and founder of Vega.
This box is filled with all sorts of vegan goodness. I cannot wait to try all the wonderful products.

There is what they stuffed into the little box this month.
C3* for stress, effervescent drink mix
Artisana Raw Goji & Milk Thistle nut butter
Teeccino Herbal vanilla nut coffee
Teeccino Herbal hazelnut coffee
Teeccino Mayan Herbal Coffee organic French roast
Happy Squeeze Coco Orange Mango coconut milk
Funky Monkey dried banana chips with acai
Kelapo Virgin Coconut Oil
Vega Pre-Workout engergizer
Clean well disinfectant wipes
Hurraw coconut lip balm
100% Pure cabernet grape body cream
Madecasse Chocolates
Vaska laundry detergent
Three $5 gift certificates for Core Defender Meal Bars
25% off coupon for Ancient Minerals
$10 credit with Open Sky
And an adorable post card

If you don’t already know about conscious box. Check them out at


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