Let me start this blog by saying I am very skeptical of “programs”. I tend to think they are just a way to get as much of your money as possible while you do all the work to promote their company and/or product. I have made certain to stay away from companies like this.  Sure, I have “hosted” parties at my house but I have never sold or worked for any company like this.

Then I started down my path toward health.  I dove head first into research and gaining as much information as possible. Thanks to my friend I discovered Beachbody.  My first thought was, this is just another one of those companies.  And yes, the goal is to sell their products.  But what is different about beachbody is it is a product I BELIEVE IN.  I wear little to no makeup so I am not interested in any beauty company.  I love cooking gadgets, but I pick and choose what I want and do not buy one specific product line, so I am not interested in cooking supply companies.  I LOVE cleaning and cleaning supplies, but I believe in homemade products over chemical products, so I am not interested in cleaning companies.

Beachbody, so far in my journey, has been a support, a guide and a community that I found to be key in my fitness and health journey.  I have turned my life around solely by hard work.  I believe in weight loss, but I believe in weight loss through hard work and focusing on health as a higher priority than that of the weight loss itself.  I am whole heartedly against crash or fad diets, pills and the like.  Beachbody offers shakes, suppliments, home fitness programs and equipment, and a community of support. All the resources you need to get healthy and stay healthy. 

I am very excited to be involved with Beachbody and align myself with something I view as worthwhile.  If you are interested in your health, weight loss, etc check it out.


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