Repurposed “trivet”


I am in a crafty mood today. Since I live by the motto of “reduce, reuse and recycle”, I get great joy in repurposing items I have around my house for my crafts.

Today I decided to make a trivet. This is a very simple craft that anyone can do.

Items needed
One reclaimed piece of work
Several wine corks, depending on the size of your trivet
Hot glue gun

If your reclaimed piece of wood is not square, then cut it so it is. However, you can have your trivet in any shape you want.

My husband collects reclaimed pieces of wood and cuts them into various sizes and shapes, so I was able to find a square piece.

My piece of wood was very thick, using the corks whole would have made a very tall trivet. So I used a knife to cut my corks in half.

Then I arranged the cut corks on my piece of wood until I got the design I wanted. Then I put hot glue on the bottoms of the corks and pressed them back onto the wood.

The completed product is a beautiful trivet made solely of repurposed items.


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