Ways to Create Positive Energy


Do what you enjoy and love – Passion and enthusiasm increases your energy. When selecting a job, look for one where you can use your passions and enthusiasm. Your best work will be accomplished by utilizing your natural talents and interests. Your job will seem less like work and you will be getting paid for what you enjoy doing.

Exercise your heart – Exercising causes blood flow and circulation, thus creating positive energy. You’ll naturally feel better knowing your body is capable of exercising. Regular exercise keeps your energy levels high.

Get energized through your diet – To sustain your energy level, a diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, low fat and lots of fiber is a sure way to maintain that positive level. Keep away from white sugar, as it will cause peeks in energy and defeat the purpose.

Work towards the end result – Inevitably you will encounter stress which will decrease your energy flow. If you keep the end result in mind, you can change the stress to motivation in achieving your goal. Stay energized to reach your goal and turn negative energy into positive energy.

Wear a smile – A warm smile is quite infectious. It improves the mood of others around you as well as yourself. When you walk around with a smile on your face, people reciprocate and pass the feeling around. This will make your day much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Increase positive energy through body language – Positive body language subliminally creates an energy field around you. Project positive non-verbal clues such as an upright posture, uncrossed arms, firm handshake, good eye contact, calm behavior, etc.

Looking good – Dressing well has a big impact on how you feel. It also projects an image to others that you are worth paying attention to. Not to mention the compliments will boost your energy and also your ego.

Beware of energy suckers – These are folks that just want to chit-chat without purpose. But be polite in doing so without creating negative energy. We all know someone who we would much rather avoid, than engage in such trivial discussions.

Great minds think alike – If you can find a group of people who think along the same lines as you, the benefits will multiply exponentially. Not only do have an instant support group, but one that will help you build, advance and achieve your goals faster. A synergistic group is difficult to come by. So if you find one… cherish it.

Practice positive introspection – Set aside some time every so often to embrace all the wonderful qualities you possess and use in your daily activities. These generally include your skills, attitudes, approach, generosity, ability to love, etc. Once you realize that you make valuable contribution to the society and your family with these qualities you tend to continue with these and feel positive energy surging in your activities. You could effectively deal with your problems with positive energy and enthusiasm with these simple tips.


One thought on “Ways to Create Positive Energy

  1. Vinitha says:

    Great Post, thanks for the share

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