Ways to stay green during the summer

Depending on where you live, summer is generally a much easier time to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle than Winter which can make us want to hibernate and hide away from the world. Here are some of the easiest ways to ‘Go Green’ for summer (and save money at the same time):


  • Hang clothes outside to dry, not only are you saving electricity but you will be giving your clothing, linens, etc a very fresh, clean smell. I love air drying my laundry.
  • Shop at your local Farmers market, the produce will be fresher and you’ll aid your local community.  Farmers markets also sell products, soaps, utensils, etc from local vendors.  A great way to support your community.
  • Avoid using an air conditioner: Drink plenty of water, it will regulate your body temperature and cool you down.  Obviously, this is easier for those of us who live in a mild climate.  I have no central air and it is not an issue for us.  We keep our windows open in the mornings and evenings to let cooler air in, then shut them in the warmest part of the day.  My house is also surrounded by trees which also helps keep the temperature down.
  • Use rain barrels to collect grey-water which you can use to wash your car, water your plants or even clean your dishes.  I have been wanting to build rain barrels.  This is the year to do it.  I mean, since it rains in abundance in Oregon, what a great way to go green and use your rain barrels in the summer for your garden, etc.
  • Compost – it’s easier than you think! I used my compost soil in several pots for flowers this year.  I am amazed at how fast and large these flowers are growing.  There is a huge difference between them and the flowers I planted with regular soil.  I am making a larger compost area so I will have even more soil.
  • Bike everywhere- You’ll save money & get in shape without having to spend your summer in a stuffy gym.  This is a little difficult where I live, being so far from everything.  It would take a day to bike to my parents house.  However, I do need to invest in a bike.  My husband and I could bike to our local park or to our neighbors house.
  • Turn off your water heater and unplug all electronics when you go on vacation or even go away for the weekend. Just unplugging electronics when you are not using them saves electricity.  Why do we need our phone charges plugged in all day when our phones are only charging for a few hours.  It is a simple way to help save our resources.

Any other ways you go green for the summer?  Please feel free to share.  Knowledge is power!


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