Earth Day 2012

Earth Day is tomorrow. Here are a few simple things you can do to protect our planet.

10 Easy Things to do on Earth Day… Or Any Day!

Earth Day is April 22 each and every year. But you could designate one day a month…or week to do something to enjoy and replenish the earth that gives you air and water and food 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! šŸ™‚

This Earth Day, EcoMall, one of the Internet’s longest-running environmental websites, offers 10 simple things that everyone can all do to make a difference and affect change for the environment. Through small shifts in individual awareness, as well as simple, easy actions, everyone can surely contribute to a powerful, collective transformation of our world.

Visit for many more ideas, articles, information and resources. EcoMall Co-Founders Tom Kay and Marianne Schnall are available for interviews around Earth Day, and are experts on incorporating a more environmentally aware lifestyle and environmentally friendly products and services.

1. Plant a tree in your yard or start a garden. Plants and trees help clean the air, are visual expressions of nature’s beauty, and uplift us. Even something as simple as growing herbs in a garden can provide nourishment and delicious meals for the family.

2. Simply stop using pesticides on your lawn. Pesticides contribute to the pollution of the Earth and poison our water supply, endanger human health, and sicken wildlife. There are many effective, natural alternatives available.

3. Support a local, organic farmer or CSA. Some farmers require your active participation, some deliver to urban areas. The food is nutritious and delicious, and uses less of our non-renewable resources.

4. Buy organic. Look for – and ask for – organic produce wherever you buy your groceries, or even better, shop at your local health food store which carries only organic produce. Buying organic reduces pesticide exposure to the land, farmers, harvesters, and your family.

5. Spend time in nature. Taking a walk, having a picnic, or simply sitting outdoors and watching the sky, deepens our connection to the natural world , thereby motivating us to be better stewards of the Earth.

6. Buy energy-saving, compact-fluorescent light bulbs and other energy efficient products. When your next bulb goes out, replace it with a compact fluorescent light bulb. They last 10 times as long, and over their lifetime, use 1/4 the energy of an incandescent bulb, saving you $30-$40 on your electric bill. When replacing major appliances purchase energy efficient ones – look for the government’s EnergyStar label.

7. Recycle. The old adage “reduce, reuse, recycle” still works very well today. Many large waste disposal companies have an at-your-curb recycling program. Check your own local disposal company.

8. Shop Green. Be a consumer that uses your dollars to support companies and products that are better for the Earth. By simply clicking to you will find a directory that features hundreds of companies that offer everything from organic and hemp clothing to non-toxic cleaners and solar energy products.

9. Join or make a donation to any organization that supports the environment. There are numerous worthy organizations that work hard for the Earth and are in need of our support. If the aforementioned tasks seem to require too much effort or time, simply write a check to those who have integrity regarding the Earth and make a meaningful contribution to the Earth’s health.

10. Create good thoughts. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” By creating the awareness that we can heal the Earth – that it is not too late, we combat the paralysis that fear often produces. So if all you can do on this Earth Day is think one good thought about the Earth, you will have contributed to a changing of the fear-based mentality.


One thought on “Earth Day 2012

  1. i love all of these! id like to add, go to and search your county name and ‘freecycle.’ then read the rules and instructions, and join! there are groups near just about everyone, and the goal of the groups is to share things you no longer use or need with someone else who might want the items, thus saving us from adding to landfills. you also can post something you want or are looking for, to see if someone has one they no longer need you can have, and keep down consumerism and save money.
    i do recommend either setting up a separate email address for your freecycle membership, because the group tends to be very active, and there are often a lot of posts each day.
    happy earth day!

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