Forks Over Knives | Pink Slime Aside, Meat is Not Safe

People are becoming more knowledgeable everyday. Knowledge is power. We are no longer just sitting around believing what the meat and dairy industries are telling us. We are doing research, going undercover and learning what we are putting into our bodies.
Non-dairy milk has become so popular the dairy industry is trying to get the manufactures of non-dairy milk to remove the word milk from their products. They came up with the clever slogan “real milk comes from cows”. However, people already know this, they know what is IN their milk, how the cows are treated, etc and making the change to non-dairy.
It is encouraging to see this movement and the changes these unethically run companies are being forced to make.
This article by Forks Over Knives talks about the recent outage over milk slime in our meat products. We all need to know that is really going into our bodies.


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