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Earth Friendly Sara will be a guest blogger on The Eat Clean Diet in the month of April.  I will post a link when the blog goes live.  I will be detailing my story as a vegan as it relates to The Eat Clean Diet.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Eat Clean Diet, it promotes healthy whole foods, nothing refined or processed.  If you know anything about the way I have been eating for the last several months, I eat vegan whole foods.  I stay away from anything process or refined.  Meaning I cook my foods from their original form.  Yes, this does take a little extra time, for example, washing, cutting and boiling potatoes instead of heating up processed flakes.  I have found that eating whole foods is the best way to get the nutrients and vitamins our bodies need, as well as keeping the chemicals and toxins that they put in processed foods out of our bodies.  I can give honest testimony as to how healthy and strong I feel and look.  I have never felt better in my entire life and to date I have lost 98 pounds. I will save some of this for my blog but I wanted to share some of the info.

I will also be creating my own recipe.  I love asian foods, I love edamame and I love stir fry…. so my plan is combine the three into a delicious dish.  I will share some of the process of creating my own recipe and post the link when the recipe goes live on the blog.



One thought on “The Eat Clean Diet Blog

  1. Angel Klosky says:

    Asian foods are great and they are always full of spices, i love to eat asian foods mainly because of its unique taste. *;..* –Take care

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