Unmolding and cutting soap

Continuing from yesterday’s post, once the soap sets up in its mold for 24 hours, it can be removed and cut into bars. I line my molds with wax paper which makes it very easy to remove the soap from the mold.


I use the wax paper as handles and simply pull the soap out of the mold.


Then I peel the wax paper off the uncut soap. It is now ready to be cut into bars.


I place the soap back in its mold. J built me this mold box. It has as openings on both sides that allows me to cut the soap any width I desire. I push the blade down into the openings, remove the bar and push the rest of the soap forward until I have it completely cut. One batch makes 15 to 20 bars depending on the thickness.


Then they lie flat on wax paper for one week on each side. At this point I label them and they are ready to be sold.
I LOVE the color of this batch. I was right that it is not the pink I want, but this color is perfect for the scent, grapefruit. And the smell is heavenly. This batch will make a great addition in my shop.


4 thoughts on “Unmolding and cutting soap

  1. Gloria Rucker says:

    I totally loved seeing this process! Thanks for sharing! And I love the bar of soap I received from Robyn. I am going to look on your Etsy website and see if you still offer that scent/flavor (no, I did not taste it, but I think it may have lemon in it.) At any rate, I love it. It has such a refreshing scent and it is so creamy and smooth to use.

    It is amazing soap.

    Is this you main shape or do you also make soap in ovals?

    Much thanks,


  2. Gloria Rucker says:

    I’m looking for your soap on Etsy but cannot find your soap or your shop. Are you still selling on there?

    Much thanks,


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