Homemade Fabric Softener


Homemade fabric softener

Vinegar is my fabric softener of choice. Aside from being a natural softener, it also removes soap residue in the washing machine and reduces static in the dryer. You can add vinegar directly to laundry during the rinse cycle or pour vinegar into the fabric softener dispenser of your washing machine. I have even added 1-2 drops of my favorite essential oil to the vinegar in the softener dispenser.
Sweet orange brightens and fights stains, lavender offers a calming effect, and peppermint can help fight tough odors on clothing. You can pre-mix your fabric-softening vinegar by using the following recipe:

Vinegar Laundry Softener

1 gallon white vinegar 20-30 drops of essential oil. If you use peppermint oil cut it back to 15 drops because it is quite potent.

Just shake well before each use and it’s ready for the rinse cycle. For small or average loads add 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle, for larger loads add about 1 cup to the rinse cycle.


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