All Natural Homemade Airfresheners

All natural is all the rage here recently.  As we learn more and more about the toxins put into mass produced products people are turning to homemade goods.  I love air fresheners.  Homemade air fresheners are super simple and smell delicious and are inexpensive.

I bought several candle warmers and placed ceramic or glass bowls on the warmers.  The warmers do not get very hot, but still want to make sure you do not use something that can melt.

I fill the bowls with one cup of water and use different items depending on what fragrance I am wanting.

Apple “Cider”
– apple peels
– cinnamon sticks
– cloves

–  a drop of maple syrup
–  cinnamon sticks

Orange Clove
– orange peels and,
– you guessed it – cloves

Late Summer Citrus
– Lemon peels
– dash of vanilla extract

– a dash of molasses
– vanilla extract
– ginger

Winter is coming 
– a dash of peppermint extract
– a dash of vanilla

– a few cut-up pine needles
– peppermint extract

Essential oils also work well but can be more expensive.


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