“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” –Buddha

So my first official post will be one I am certain will cause a little controversy.  Maybe that is how all good blogs start, snatch your attention from the beginning.  Who knows, I am not studied on “the ways of the blog” I am just simply an opinionated person who stirs things up on occasion.  I should also say I do not claim any of what I post to be hardened facts, they are simply my opinions.

So here goes.  I was talking to my friend this morning about health and medicine.  For several months I have been on a path to health.  This journey has really opened my eyes to many things, one such thing being medicine and the ease of “popping a pill” instead of doing any real work.  I am fully aware of the many genetic diseases out there and I am in no way a medical professional, there are diseases I have never heard of and will never understand.  If you suffer from such a disease please do not think I am putting you down in any way.  I full heartedly believe medicine serves a purpose and is something that is needed.  However, I see how easy it is to just pop that pill to cure or treat something that could be treated with a life style change.  My question here is, when does the responsibility fall on ME to change ME?

One example comes to mind……Paula Deen and her recently publicized battle with diabetes.

My first thought, when she came out with this news was “what a great opportunity she has to be a positive example to others facing this disease”.  Being in the food industry, having the knowledge that she has, wouldn’t it be great if she could use this as a platform to teach others that you can eat your way to health and still love the taste of your food.  She came out with a great statement, “I’m here today to let the world know that it is not a death sentence”. So good, so far I thought and then…..whammo!! Her life saving ingredient….Novo Nordisk and now she is even their paid spokesperson.  I obviously know nothing about Paula Deen’s personal life, nor do I claim to.  She could be at home right now eating the healthiest meal on the planet and if she is, more power to her. In fact, I hope that is what she is doing.  Her public life, however, looks very different.  The message she is telling everyone is, get a disease – pop a pill and continue on just as you were before.  She is continuing to promote her “fatty comfort foods” on her show while her son has recently started his own show promoting lower calorie foods called “Not My Mama’s Food”.  Well, at least someone is trying to get it right.

So I go back to my question, when does the responsibility lie on us?  Should there be a point in which working a little harder (whether that be at the gym or on research into healthier foods) is more important to us than just making excuses and popping pills? What kind of example are we showing to our friends, children and people looking up to us if we simply take the easy way out?

So not to leave this, my first blog, on a sour note.  I have recently been very encouraged at the news coming out that more and more dietitians are embracing the vegan diet and teaching others about its health benefits.  I feel as though we could be on the brink of something good, that maybe in my lifetime I will be lucky enough to see an enlightenment, if you will, into the way we eat and into importance of a healthy diet. Now if only we could get public figures, who have more power than they realize, like Paula Deen, to get on board as well.

Happy, healthy eating everyone!



One thought on ““Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” –Buddha

  1. agreed, of course. and it isnt even the ‘big’ things, like diabetes or hypertension… most people, when getting a headache, instantly run for the motrin or tylenol. almost everyone is at least a little dehydrated, and one of the first signs (far before feeling thirsty) is headache and/or fatigue. something so simple! if only people would stop a second, LISTEN to their body, and then care for it properly. before swallowing a handful of pills or downing a Monster or Red Bull, drink some water, take a few deep breaths, get up from the computer and walk around your desk a few times. your body isnt asking for acetaminophen, or ibuprofen, but for water, food, or more rest. and guess what? if that is what your body needs, but you give it a pill instead, as soon as that 4-6 hours hits, you still feel the same, because your body STILL needs X. then you go through life feeling crappy, and confused about why.

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